Get ready to SLEEP OUT in 2017

Event Date: Friday 29 September 2017

You can be sponsored to:

  • Sleep out
  • Camp in your garden
  • Sofa-surf
  • Send your teddy to school/work to do these for you
  • Wear your pyjamas for the day

Why join our Sleep-Out?

You’ll be part of the solution to a national problem.

‘Roughing it’ for just one night gives you a glimmer of insight into what is faced every night by people with no place to go and will help raise awareness of homeless issues in the wider community.

When people sleep rough they do it because they feel they have no other choice. They do it because they judge their other options as worse than a cold, lonely, dirty night on the streets. The money raised via The Big Sleep Out will help us to continue to prevent homelessness across Mid-Devon.

For more information contact, or ring on 01884 250914

Organise a SLEEP OUT
Downloads: Checklist for sleep-out organisers; KIT LIST & RULES; Participants’ letter 2017; Register; Risk assessment 2017; Sleep-Out outline (DIY); Sponsorship form 17;

Schools (Teddy Sleep-Out) – pay £1 to send Teddy to school on Thursday 28 September and take him home again on Friday 29 September
Downloads: Teddy S-O poster 2017; Teddy-invite-17;

Do-your-own SLEEP OUT
Downloads: Sleep-Out outline (DIY); Sofa-Surfers – Back-Garden CampersSponsorship form 17