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Debt and Money Advice

Our Support and Advice Team offer free, impartial and confidential help across the Mid Devon area.

Our fully trained advisors can offer you advice, specific to your needs and our advisers will give time and support in order to help you become debt free and more secure financially.  

We realise talking about money is difficult, but we are not here to judge – we are here to help. 

Advice is available in person by appointment,  over the phone, or by email.  

Contact us for more information and take the first step to becoming debt free.

CHAT is a Community Money Advice Centre and is authorised and regulated

by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What to expect

We will make sure you understand the whole process before we start.  We are committed to making all of our advice easy to understand.

  • We will look at the whole situation - what money you have coming in and what your expenses are.

  • We will look at your bills and if we can help to reduce them

  • We will spend some time getting all the information we need about any debts. 

  • All the options for resolving your debts will be discussed with you and you can decide the best way forward.

This process may take several appointments and we will work with you to see that you have control over your finances, enabling you to remain debt free in the future.   


Please note – we can only provide debt and money advice if you live in the Mid Devon area.


If you live outside of this area please contact Community Money Advice 

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CMA Advice Centre

CHAT is a Community Money Advice centre and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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