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Housing and Tenancy Advice

We know it can be stressful when your housing situation
is difficult and we are here to help.


If you are homeless or think you may become homeless please contact us as soon as you can.  


We may also be able to help if you are finding it hard to pay your rent, or need some help in your tenancy for any other reason you may benefit from tenancy support.


Whether you need help with a specific issue, or longer term help, our Support and Advice Team offer free, impartial and confidential help across the Mid Devon area. We can help you be clear about what your rights and options are and work with you to make an action plan to suit your situation. 

How can we help?

I'm homeless

If you have no home, and you are sofa surfing or homeless come and see us. We can help practically (shower, clothes washing) and also look at how we can get you some help with your situation.

I'm being evicted

Eviction proceedings are complicated and stressful. Bring in our paperwork and we can look at what is happening and support you through the next steps.

I need a bigger house

It can be hard to find housing at the moment, but we can help you work out how much you can afford, and look for something more suitable.

My home is damp

If your home is in poor repair we can advise you on what you have a right to expect your landlord to do, and we can also help you with some energy advice as well.

I can't manage my rent this month

We can help you look at your finances and come up with a plan and help you explain the situation to your landlord.

I would like help with my Devon Home Choice (DHC) banding

If you think your DHC banding is wrong, we can look at the reasons for that and advise you on how to appeal that decision.

Contact Us:

visit our office

Monday - Friday

9:30 - 4:30

call us 0800 059 0104 Monday - Friday

9:30 - 4:30

text or

WhatsApp on

07872 850771

email us via

If we are not available you can contact the Mid Devon District Council Homelessness Team 
or contact the national charity Shelter.


CHAT were proud to have achieved the the Advice Quality Standard (AQS) in February 2024.

This means you can be sure that we have a team of advisors with the skills and knowledge to help you, the charity is well run and that we do our best to make sure you can access our services in a way that is best for you.  

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