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Start well!

To support clients who may otherwise struggle to manage a tenancy and home. To set them up well including income maximising, budgeting, explaining general tenancy management (ensuring they know how to report a repair, bin day, setting up utilities etc).  This will include a home visit and aims to reduce the need for intervention and risk of homelessness due to poor tenancy management. For any new tenancy (social, or private rented). The referral can be made when the tenancy is organised and the CHAT advisor can be present at the sign up and support from the beginning. 

Back on track

A scheme for those keen to be financially resilient and where a quick intervention will prevent debt spiralling and for those who need help getting out of a cycle of financial difficulties. There must be a commitment from the client to engage in the full process and the CHAT advisor must identify the capacity to then stay out of debt. This isn’t suitable for clients who have a high level of debt – but will help those who have some challenges to overcome in order to get ‘back on track’.

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Thank you for your referral. We aim to contact the client within a week and will get back to you if we need any further info.

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